Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Day 4 week four - 420 rep bodyweight challenge (makeup)

The workout: Live my life: 3 rounds, 20 reps

1. bunny hop push up w/ leg raise
2. pull ups
3. surfer kick outs w/ 2 jacks (1 rep)
4. sumo ass out
5. plank drunk chicken
6. sumo squats
7. jump squat w/ 2 low squats (1 rep)

Not as easy as it looks. I thought I would kinda breeze through this because there was no weight involved but 20 reps is killer. My thighs are still burning. I admit that I did not actually do 420 reps. After the first round, I dropped the pull ups to 10. I kept everything else at 20 and was shaking the whole time. I actually had to stop and towel off a bit.

Tomorrow I start the weekly challenges for March. I decided to not do another fit test until the end of March.

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