Thursday, March 29, 2012

Rock your body workout

The workout: 12 rounds, 50/10 (3 x through)

1. press up + burpee + tuck jump x 2 & 10 straight punches
2. press up + burpee + tuck jump x 2 & 10 hook punches
3. press up + burpee + tuck jump x 2 & 2 straight punches + 2 hooks (total of 10)
4. 2 x mid abs + 2 x high abs

There was a butt and weighted bonus but I am actually going to do them tomorrow morning when I wake up.

I thought I was having a heart attack...not that I actually know what that feels like. But all joking aside, it felt like my heart was gonna jump out of my throat. I pushed today. I made myself jump as high as I could. I am tired. And I am sweating. And I am starving! See ya in the morning for the 2nd part of this workout.


dina vanessa mercado said...

oh wow wish i could be that motivated to workout.. :( i'm just soo lazy ..i hate it..keep it up hun! :)

frikken DUCKIE said...

I've given you another award:

And I'm still waiting for that makeup post! Lol.

♥ Duckie.

Fashion Confessions of a Mommy said...

What a cute workout blog...
Thank you for visiting me a while ago.
So do you have a fashion blog too?