Monday, March 19, 2012

Thong shape up

The workout: 2 parts: each part 20/10 for 12 rounds

Part 1
1. jump mat push ups 444544
2.push up & plank oblique toe touch 465555

Part 2
3. squat jump & clean & press (used dumbbell) 555555
4. switch lunge & kick 887677

Bonus abs: 50/10 3 rounds
- plank toe floor touch using UGI ball *modified: held plank for 50 sec
- reverse curl rolls & stand 10
- plank toe floor touch using UGI ball *modified: held plank for 50 sec

Whoa! So let me just begin with saying that holding a plank for 50 sec after an arm workout is KILLER. I was shaking and dripping sweat. Like it was rolling down my back and down my forehead and face in my eyes and my mouth, dripping off my nose and chin...KILLER
There was another bonus workout (core & mix weighted) but I didn't do it. :( I know my limits. 

I fell off the wagon today, and definitely paid for it. I ate McDonald's. UGH. My stomach still doesn't feel right. I felt it almost right after I finished. Oh but wait...I didn't even TELL you what I had yet. A freaking big mac! A big mac. Of all the things. I coulda had some chicken nuggets, but nope. UUUUGGHHH.
You live and learn I guess, and I definitely learned this lesson the hard way. I did make a great food choice this past weekend. 2 actually. The 1st: Ate chinese food and instead of white rice or fried rice, I got brown rice. The 2nd: I had whole wheat pancakes. Baby steps. I will get there.

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Faith said...

Sometimes you just need to get a Big Mac to get over the craving :)

Have a great week!!