Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Girl crush workout

The workout: 3 x through, 50/10

1. plank & leg jumps
2. 10 high knees & 10 forward kicks
3. woodchop, roll & jump
4. push up, burpee, forward & backward  jump

Ab bonus: 50/10
- downward dog plank
- lying oblique twists
- bent knee ugi switch (used a playground ball)

Did this workout this morning. Man the woodchop roll and jump was killer for me. Well just the roll part. Weird. I need to practice it.
I never mentioned it before, but I know I don't ever link the workouts to the website...but if you go to and type the title of my blog post in the search bar on their site, it'll pull up the workout that I did. So if you see a workout that you like and may want to try, head on over there.

I wanna know what y'all are doing to stay fit. Please comment below so I can try some of the things you're doing. Dare me...come one :-)

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