Tuesday, April 17, 2012

My body rocks workout

The workout: 12 rounds, 50/10 (4 exercises, 3 x through)

1. prisoner squat jump & elbow to knee touch
2. 10 mountain climbers, clean & press, squat & press
3. squat & front raise (held a dumbbell in each hand - 5lbs)
4. under touch toe + 2 elbow 1/2 burpee

Ab bonus: Rock hardcore: 4 rounds, 50/10
- bike abs (L&R alternate) & touch & lower
- punch abs
- side leg lift & forward leg touch - left
- side leg lift & forward leg touch - right

Now this was a heart pumping workout! I thought it (my heart and my lungs) was going to beat and fall out of my chest/body at one point! I totally needed that. Maybe I should start running...but y'all already know how I feel about that. I know it will help get rid of the mommy pooch...we'll see. I do want to add that instead of doing the workout 3 x through, I actually did it 4 x through. I wanted to challenge myself today. Seeing my before and after pics and the awesome comments I got, boosted my ego and motivation LOL.
I know I will feel the GOOD I did tonight, in the morning, but oh it will be well worth it. The abs got me today. I lost my balance a couple times on the last 2 moves. 
My eating has been really good. Been eating a lot of tuna and (meat and cheese) sandwiches on 100% whole wheat bread for lunch. I make it a point to snack on carrots or nuts during the day. And you already know how much I love my water!
I'm also taking a women's multivitamin again. I am going to start adding yogurt back into my diet too.

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