Monday, April 30, 2012

One direction workout

The workout: 50/10, 3 x through

1. towel crawl & press up
2. tuck abs & tricep dips (did on chair)
3. jump through & back + 5 x squat
4. crab walk & touch + 5 reverse push ups

Legs bonus: 50/10
1. 3 point elevated plank hold
2. squat & front kick
3. 3 point elevated plank hold

All about the triceps. That's where I felt it the most. 
Today is supposed to be day 1 of the next 30 day bodyrock challenge. I did not see anything new posted so I did the workout that was posted on April 26th. I believe day 1 is just the fit test. With this 30 day challenge, I'm going to work on my diet. I have been pretty good and am making better choices when it comes to what I eat, but my goal for this coming month is to eat cleaner. I am hoping to add a new shake to my daily food intake, but am still researching my options. If any of you have any ideas, please share them with me.
I've also thought about doing a cleanse of some sort. Like a juice, fruit and veggie cleanse, or a shake for every meal cleanse...don't know yet. 

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Mrs. H said...

Of all the workouts so far do you have a fave? I would love to hear which.