Monday, April 23, 2012

Sexy sweat on me mash up

The workout: 21 rounds, 30/10

1. one arm sandbag swing (used kettle bell)
2. squat & press leg lifts (w/ kettle bell)
3. plank press up drunk chicken (did 1 jack instead of drunk chicken)
4. backward lunge with kick (w/ kettle bell)
5. alternating abs
6. swinging legs
7. ugi twist (used kettle bell)

This was a fast workout. I never stopped moving. I am adding this to the list of workouts that I will definitely repeat again. I used a 20lb kettle bell and let me tell you that I worked hard! I know I will definitely feel it in the morning.

I have a new found love for Greek yogurt. I like plain vanilla yogurt, but Big Daddy said the best yogurt is Greek yogurt. Don't ask me why, because I forgot LOL. He emailed an article to me awhile back explaining it. What I do remember is that it has a ton more protein than regular yogurt. He's been eating it but I just never did. That is until last week Friday. I tasted some from a co-worker. It was honey and strawberry flavored. Now I'm not that keen on fruity yogurt but it was really good. When we went grocery shopping on Saturday I looked for the brand she had and oh em gee...there was a vanilla flavored one! I opted for vanilla and honey flavored which is VERY yummy. Instead of buying the individual ones I bought the big tub. Good thing too because the little dudes love it. They have always been yogurt lovers too. 

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frikken DUCKIE said...

I've been hearing about Greek yogurt all over blog world now and have yet to try it. Maybe I should give it a try too. What's the brand you bought?

♥ Duckie.