Saturday, April 14, 2012

Sexy to the core workout

The workout: 12 rounds, 50/10

1. spiderman core and leg drive
2. plyo push up (used pilates blocks)
3. spiderman core and leg drive
4. one leg bridge - left
5. spiderman core and leg drive
6. one leg bridge - right

Bonus abs: 3 rounds, 50/10
- side oblique left
- chuck and tuck
- side oblique right

It is Saturday morning and my crazy ass was up at 6:45am! I laid in bed for a bit and then decided to workout. 
Push ups don't scare me as much anymore. Y'all know I dread push ups with my weak wrists, but now, nothing. I want to start focusing on certain parts of the body so I *might* be changing up my workouts. You notice how I say might. We shall see. Well its Saturday like I said so I will see you guys later...need to get crackin on these pancakes for the little dudes.

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