Monday, April 16, 2012

Strong and sexy workout + pics

The workout: (morning) 12 rounds, 50/10

1. ugi twist (used kettle bell instead)
2. bucking bronco
3. spiderman push ups (on pilates blocks)
4. sandbag swing (used kettle bell instead)

There was an ab bonus, but I did not do it. I may add it to my workout tomorrow morning.
They totally should of called this workout thigh burn because my thighs were on fire! LOL. But it was that burn so good feeling. That, damnit it must be working, feeling.
So my twin, Mrs. H, has been asking me to post pics. I honestly didn't want to at first because I honestly was just not comfortable enough with my progress. Am I ready for people to really see me and open myself up for judgement? Who knows...but I did take before pictures and then took a recent pic:

I want to say these first 2 were taken in February.

I know some of you may be rolling your eyes right now. I never said I was fat or overweight. More like round. I was not happy with the way I looked. I felt like I still had baby weight to lose. And being short plus being round just never felt right to me. I wanted to be petite little ol' me.

This was taken this past Saturday.

I feel much better seeing this picture. I wish I took a front view.  I don't think hubby likes it so much because, in his words, "where's the booty?" LOL MEN! 2 months and I have yet to step on a scale. I like the visual better anyways lol. I still have work to do. I want to define my legs and arms more. I know it will come. 

There I am. For all the world to see. 


frikken DUCKIE said...

Omg! You look AMAZING! Like seriously! You could definitely see the difference and all your hard work is totally paying off! I feel like I'm looking at those workout/supplement commercials with before and after pictures because that is how much difference there is between the pictures. Its so cool because those pictures were only taken 2 months ago! Your hard work definitely shows girl! You rock!

♥ Duckie.

dina vanessa mercado said...

wow! i wish i am motivated to do some workout like you do..great pic! i can totally see change..keep it up!