Thursday, May 31, 2012

BR W3, day 5 - Hot doesn't stop

The workout: couplet style: repeat each pair 2 times through before moving onto the next pair, 50/10


Couplet 1:
1. towel plank drag & push up
2. bicep curl & low jacks - used 10lb dumbbells

Couplet 2:
1. stand crunch & jump
2. wide grip pull up & bicep curl - assisted pull up and used 10lb dumbbell

Couplet 3:
1. 10 x mountain climbers + clean & press & squat & press - used 20lb kettle bell
2. 3 point plank jump & surfer jump turn

There was a sculpt exercise but I did not do it.
My arms were sore this morning which made for a "push as hard as you can" workout sesh today. As I said in my previous post, I will be alternating my days between LFT (LiveFit Trainer) and BR. 

OK so let me just say that I WILL master the standing crunch. Its so awkward for me to do. I watch the video and how she does it, but I canNOT for the life of me manage to just stand up on both feet at the same time! LOL. I watched myself in the mirror today and I look a hot freaking mess. I WIIL DO IT...I WILL DO IT. *pray for me*

I feel great right now. I mean I always feel good after a hard workout but today I feel Tony the tiger GREAT. I think its because I am changing up my workouts and body is kinda excited about it. Sounds silly but its true. Well as long as I'm in a great mood, I'm gonna go back to packing. See y'all tomorrow.

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