Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Challenge time!

Hello MAY! Bodyrock tv has decided to do another monthly (30 day) challenge. Y'all know I'm all about it! So I woulda posted it yesterday but I'm having internet issues at my house. Anyhoo...

The workout - Day 1: Fit Test: Intermediate test with equipment: 50/10, 3 x through

1. squat & press - used 20lb kettle bell
2. push up & clean & press - used 20lb kettle bell
3. triceps - did dips on chair
4. abs - tuck abs on chair

I am so excited for this challenge. I kept my "scores" but they are on a paper at home. (I will update this post when I get home tonight)
Everywhere I look, someone is taking on a new fitness challenge or starting to eat healthier. I LOVE it. I also have joined another Facebook group where we can pow wow and share and motivate. 
If you are thinking of starting a workout and/or diet plan, I would love to hear about it and feature you here on my blog. :) Send me and email at mommybeautiful (at) att (dot) net.

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