Wednesday, May 16, 2012

W2, Day 2 & 3 - Knock out summer body

*note* W2, D3 was actually a yoga workout that I didn't really feel like doing, so I did Day 2 workout yesterday afternoon and this morning.

The workout:

Burn: 12 rounds, 50/10
1. switch lunge & wood chop - used 5 lb dumbbell
2. diagonal knee raise
3. power jump, push up & toe touch 
4. pike mat jumps
5. pike press & knee tuck
6. leg swing, back lunge & front kick (modified version)

Sculpt: 4 rounds, 50/10
1. side plank leg lift - left on medicine ball
2.ab circle holds alternating circle direction - used 5 lb dumbbell
3. side plank leg lift - right on medicine ball
4. ab circle holds alternating circle direction - used 5 lb dumbbell

Yes I am behind. Work consumed so much of my time recently that I was only able to knock out a set of tabata each day for the rest of the week last week. (Did that make sense? LOL) I am definitely re-evaluating my time to get my full workouts in. 

I have been juicing and loving it. Just doing mean green and nothing else. Only con side is that it makes me super gassy (TMI I know) but that is slowly starting to diminish. I would like to try different recipes because I am actually wanting to do my first juice cleanse after memorial day weekend. like just one day of all day juicing only. We shall see LOL. Y'all know how much I like food.


Ms Stephanie said...

Good job girl!! I missed a workout last week so I'll be making it up today instead of the yoga video.
Omgosh tell me why I was DYING on those power jumps, push up, and toe touches. I was practically screaming though them lol

Faith said...

You are on fire!! I think you're doing amazing!

I need a juicer!

Holly from 300 Pounds Down said...

Wow this is inspiring! you are doing awesome!