Tuesday, May 29, 2012

"We wear short shorts"

Remember that commercial? Well that will be me this summer.

I know I haven't been posting daily, like I usually do. No I didn't fall off the wagon I promise. I've been so busy with packing up and getting rid of things for our move coming up. This week is week 4 of the bodyrock May challenge...I'm behind. I'm on week 3, day 3. So not too much behind, just a couple days. So before I go on...

W3, Day 3 - Teeny Bikini
The workout: 12 rounds, 50/10

1. 1/2 burpee, star jump, burpee - used stool
2. elevated push ups (no tricep dips) - used stool
3. sumo knee touch & front raise & squat - used 20 lb kettle bell
4. wide legs touch toe abs - used 20 lb kettle bell

Sculpt: 3 rounds, 50/10
1. low squats - used playground ball
2. punch abs
3. (repeated low squats)

So back to these short shorts...
I have a pair of shorts that I just want to look fab in. Nice slim, toned legs, nice tight ass, and flat stomach. They are the DEFINITELY short shorts. Those teeny shorts have become my new workout "goal." To help achieve my goal, I have decided to change up and add another fitness program to my daily workouts.
Starting tomorrow, in addition to my bodyrock workouts, I will be doing Jamie Eason's LiveFit Trainer on bodybuilding.com. (Long story short, bodybuilding.com is another great source for free workouts. You can even create a profile and track your workouts--I can do a post about it, just comment and let me know). Of course, I'll be posting the workouts here so you guys can see what I'm doing. 
I am still juicing and love everything about it. I'm hoping to incorporate some new "recipes" in the next couple of weeks.

That's it for tonight. Look for a beauty post coming up this week. (I miss doing those)

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Stephanie said...

Alright girl lets knock out this week 3! We're almost finished with the challenge. So tell me more about this other web site hmmmm I might have to check it out! ;)

Oh btw have u ever tried adding protein? Im not to sure about it but the bf recommended it after my workouts to increase my muscle. Supposably I just have to really increase my cardio. Let me know what u think!