Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Finishing up the 2 week challenge

I know I've totally been sucking with keeping you guys updated...2 reasons: 1) we had no internet here in the apartment until this past Friday (NOT a good story so I'll spare you the details) and 2) I was getting everything together for my little dude's 6th birthday party (which we had this past weekend).
I finished up the mamavation challenge last week...STRONG. But here's the last couple days of the challenge...

Wednesday 7/11/12 - Ab Blaster: circuit, 3 x through

sit ups x 15
plank 45 seconds
crunches x 15
side plank (right) 30 seconds
v ups x 15
side plank (left) 30 seconds
leg lifts x 15

Thursday 7/12/12 - Accelerator: circuit, 3 x through

weighted squats 10lbs x 12
right leg lunges 10lbs x 15
left leg lunges 10lbs x 15
weighted calf raises 15lbs x 15
bird dog x 20 (alternate L&R side - 10 ea side)

cardio: 3 sets of burpees x 15

Friday 7/13/12 - Power: circuit, 3 x through

push ups x 15
lateral raises 10lbs x 15
shoulder press 10lbs x 15
dumbbell curls 10lbs x 15
tricep kick back 10lbs x 15

Epic: circuit, 3 x through

squat alternating dumbbell shoulder press 8lbs x 15
mountain climber push up x 15
dumbbell russian twist 8lbs x 12
stiff leg deadlift and row 8lbs x 12

And there you have it...the end of the mamavation 2 week challenge. Like I said, I took measurements at the beginning and I took my final measurements last night. I lost 1/2 an inch of my waist, 1/2 an inch of my hips and another 1/2 inch of my thighs. :-)
Next up...you'll have to wait until tomorrow to find out. Heehee.

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