Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Playing catch up + work out sesh

So July has proven to be extremely busy for me. I've been squeezing in workouts but just no time to post here. As I mentioned previously (as in a post before this one, but not sure which one) I signed up to do the 2 week challenge by Mamavation. Last week was week 1. I completed week 1 but did not feel like I gave it everything I possibly could have. This past Monday started week week. So I am definitely making it count.
Short version of the challenge: everyday for 2 weeks (DUH) we are given a specific circuit to do. After completing the workout of the day you "check in" with @MrBookieBoo on twitter to let him know. Week 1, day 1 you take your measurements and then the last day of the challenge you take your measurements again. Simple.
Like I said this is week 2. I'll break down everything I've done so far...

Monday (done Tues morning 7/10/12) - Accelerator: circuit, 3 x through

weighted squats 10lbs x 12
right leg lunges 10lbs x 15
left leg lunges 10lbs x 15
weighted calf raises 15lbs x 12
bird dog x 20 (alternate L & R side - 10 ea side)

cardio: 3 sets of burpees x 15
(1 min rest in between each set)

Tuesday 7/10/12 - Power: circuit, 3 x through

push ups x 15
lateral raises 10lbs x 15
shoulder press 10 lbs x 15
dumbbell curls 10lbs x 15
tricep kick back 8lbs x 15

(I didn't do the cardio which was the same as above because I did this workout right after I completed the Accelerator workout)

Tonight I will do the days workout and come back and post it here :-) The workouts are simple but I like that I get to mix it up in between my other crazy workouts (ie bodyrock).

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