Thursday, August 30, 2012

A mash up of epic proportions

Well...really its just a mash up workout LOL. But I haven't posted a workout in quite sometime and I needed to reel you in :-) Hey at least I'm honest about it LOL.
But it was an awesome workout. Basically it was 2 days' workout in one. I actually did this on Tuesday and today I plan on doing another sort of mash up type workout concentrating more on upper body.

The workout: completed as a circuit, resting 1 minute between each circuit (3 x through unless noted that a specific exercise was only done'll see what I mean in a sec)

1. freehand jump squat (2 sets of 15)
2. plie dumbbell squats (3 sets of 12) - 15 lbs
3. barbell side split squat (3 sets of 12) - 5 lb plates on each side
4. seated leg curl (3 sets of 12) - 20 lbs
5. leg extensions (3 sets of 12) - 20 lbs
6. butt lift, bridges (2 sets of 15)
7. barbell deadlift (3 sets of 12) - 5 lb plates on each side
8.bent over barbell row (3 sets of 12) - 5 lb plates on each side
9. wide grip lat pull down (3 sets of 12) - 20 lbs
10. dumbbell rear lunge (3 sets of 12) - 15 lbs

Tuesday, August 21, 2012


The color is by Orly and the Hook 'Em Orange. Though it is more of a lighter orange than longhorn orange.
I started wearing acrylics again and I think I'll be keeping them this length as well. Doesn't affect my typing or texting at all LOL. 

Thursday, August 16, 2012

8/15/12 - TIU - Sunkissed Abs

On Tuesday I took a break from "regular" workouts and just went swimming with the little dudes. I am trying to teach my 6 year old how to swim without his floaties and I think he will be swimming by himself by the time they go back to school on the 27th...SQUEAL! So swimming was my work out for that day.
Yesterday was laundry day. We normally do laundry on Sundays but meh, we were lazy. So While waiting for laundry to get done, I did this quick ab workout...

Sunkissed Abs - 2 x through

warm up the waist 20 x
1. knee raise and twist 20x
2. skinny dips (tricep dips with 1 leg up) 20x
3. side plank and pulse (right side) 10x
4. TIU tummy tuck 20x
5. side plank and pulse (left side) 10x
6. v-sit 20x
7. rock the boat 20x
8. crunch 10x
9. bicycle crunch 10x
10. tornado 2x (BEST ABS MOVE EVER imo)
11. reverse crunch 10x
12. swim it out

Of course, to see the workout and get directions, click on the name of the workout above. 
This was awesome!!! I will probably do this again with another workout.

Monday, August 13, 2012

Back to the grind - Tone It Up

At the end of June, Big Daddy and I went to Padre Island for a rugby tournament on the beach. A weekend full of beach, rugby and yes boozing. A much needed getaway without the little dudes (they were at my mother in law's).  The first week of the month was just spent "recovering" and enjoying time with big daddy before we went and picked up the dudes.
Last week I started back working out. Before I left for Padre, I felt like I was about to hit that level. You know the P-word...PLATEAU. Grrrrrr. I HATE that! Well I continued my workouts as usual. But  like y'all know about me...I got bored. And fast. So I spent a couple days last week looking up different workouts. I thought about doing another round of Insanity but just didn't feel it. I even tossed around P90x in my head. But I really don't have that hour dedication right now either. So I searched and I found Tone It Up. I stalk follow a couple blogs that do their workouts and they rave about how fun it is. It's different. I like different...y'all know that already. They even have a month workout calendar. So here it is, day 1 of Tone It Up (TIU). I'm doing the exercises on the calendar but not necessarily on those specific days. I'll even link up the workouts here so you can see and try them out yourselves.

The workout: Cowabunga - 3 x through

1. far out 10x
2. totally tubular 30x
3. bonsai buns 10x
4. bonsai buns (2nd version) 10x
5. surfs up 20x

The workout: Tone it up thighs - 3 x through
*done with 15-20 lb weight*

1. squat 20x
2. plie squat 20x
3. curtsy lunge 20x
4. bottom leg lift 15x each side
5. reverse crunch 20x
6. boot bridge 30x

*click on the workout name to be taken to the website*