Thursday, August 16, 2012

8/15/12 - TIU - Sunkissed Abs

On Tuesday I took a break from "regular" workouts and just went swimming with the little dudes. I am trying to teach my 6 year old how to swim without his floaties and I think he will be swimming by himself by the time they go back to school on the 27th...SQUEAL! So swimming was my work out for that day.
Yesterday was laundry day. We normally do laundry on Sundays but meh, we were lazy. So While waiting for laundry to get done, I did this quick ab workout...

Sunkissed Abs - 2 x through

warm up the waist 20 x
1. knee raise and twist 20x
2. skinny dips (tricep dips with 1 leg up) 20x
3. side plank and pulse (right side) 10x
4. TIU tummy tuck 20x
5. side plank and pulse (left side) 10x
6. v-sit 20x
7. rock the boat 20x
8. crunch 10x
9. bicycle crunch 10x
10. tornado 2x (BEST ABS MOVE EVER imo)
11. reverse crunch 10x
12. swim it out

Of course, to see the workout and get directions, click on the name of the workout above. 
This was awesome!!! I will probably do this again with another workout.

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Marina said...

I should use you as my inspiration!