Monday, September 3, 2012

8 weeks to hot hot HOT

I was talking with a co-worker last week and she told me that she and her best friends decided to take on a weight loss and life challenge. What a cool idea! Who better than your best friends to help you become a better person! So when she invited me to join her group in this challenge, I jumped at it. Having a great support system is key to improving your fitness, losing weight, and just wanting to be a better person.

We are following the 8 week weight loss challenge posted here:

Today is week 1, day 1. Of all the times to start a challenge, I always seem to start on a holiday or the day after something major (remember the day after Super Bowl Sunday?).
Well we are making this challenge our own by also including reading books about life or fitness and I think a bunch of us are actually keeping a journal too...besides the food journal listed in the challenge.
I "weighed in" last night. Hmmm. Y'all know I never step on the scale. Well I was surprised to say the least. Mostly because I'm the same weight I was the last time I weighed myself a couple months ago. I feel like I've been at this plateau forever! I am hoping that in these next 8 weeks I am able to shed some fat and introduce a leaner me at the end of October. Maybe 5-10 pounds. That's not much.

I would love for y'all to join me. Let me know and we can exchange emails and be each other's motivation.

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