Tuesday, September 4, 2012

W1, D2 - I am a fish + Bex

So let me just tell you...64oz of water a DAY is A LOT! I only managed to drink 40oz yesterday which in turn had me peeing all night.
Ok so everyday there are a set of "challenges." They are the same for everyday and you earn points if you can complete the challenge tasks. Without going into too much detail about the "points" here is what they are (to learn more about the challenge, click HERE):

1 pt: contact with teammate
3 pts: 64oz of water
3 pts: stop eating before 9pm
3 pts: 2 fruit servings (1/2 cup each)
5 pts: 3 vegetable servings
5 pts: no sweets/sugary treats (only 6 days a week)
*the goal for that one is to cut out sugar except for cheat day*
5 pts: keep a food journal
5 pts: 30 min of exercise OR 7 pts: 45 min of exercise (5 days a week)
*the goal is to work out at least 5 days a week*

And at the end of the day you total you points - 205 possible points at the end of the week.

So ya...64oz of water a day...WOW. But I did do that today and its only 7:48pm. Trust when I say I spent a lot of time in the bathroom. What kills me is that "aunt Flo" (that BITCH) came to visit yesterday. AARRRRGGGHHHHH!! I am dying for something oh so sweet, filled with sugar...a donut, chocolate, ice cream....SHOOT ME! I'm doing it though...thank god for raisins LOL. I also worked out so that took my mind off of it for a good 30 min. Speaking of workout here's what I did...

The workout: Fat free abs by BexLife: 40/10

If you don't know Bex, you're living under a rock! A rock! jk Seriously just workout with her. She does it "live" meaning she does it with the timer, no fast forwarding. 10 moves. 10 moves that kill.
Thank me tomorrow :-)
(I did this workout once this morning and once this afternoon)

I am keeping a food journal which I revamped. Front page is food and on the back side its my workout that I've done and personal journaling like how I felt before working out and after and how I feel about what I've eaten.

See ya tomorrow ;-)

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