Thursday, September 13, 2012

W2, D4 - 8 week challenge update

We are in week 2 and I am starting to see a difference. I know you're probably like, "what?" "where?" "how?" I have noticed that my portion size has definitely changed. And I am making great snack choices like fruit and raw veggies. Even 1/2 sandwiches. In the first week I lost only 1/2 a pound, but my clothes were all feeling looser. One big thing that has changed is not eating after 9pm. I've been really good at this and am never feeling hungry at night anymore. I've always been a water drinker, and in this challenge we are supposed to be drinking at least 64 oz of water a day...I average about 72 oz of water a day.
Starting this week and then every week until the end, we get double points for a specific challenge. This week we get double points for exercise. So for 30 min of exercise we get 10 points and for 45 min we get 14 points this week! Oh ya!!! I was so excited!
Speaking of workouts...Y'all know I'm always searching for different things. Well 2 words (well maybe 1 word lol): BexLife. Yup she is so awesome! I actually found her perusing YouTube looking for different ab workouts. I posted a "real time" video of hers in my last blog post. I've been enjoying these quick workouts a lot. Here is the one I did this morning. I actually repeated it twice :-) Cuz you know...I'm just good like that LOL (jk)...

Tonight I'm starting back with weight training as well. Bikini season isn't just during the summer...its all year round!

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Julie Marie said...

im so jealous. i just had mcdonalds chicken selects. hahahaha!! i need to stop. now!