Thursday, October 25, 2012

ABSolutely worth it

The only working out I did this week was my regular run on Monday. It's Thursday. I did not feel good at all Tuesday...not sure if it was just really bad allergies, or a cold, or even from the ridiculous bug bite that I got on my eyelid on Monday. Whatever it wan't good. so obviously no workout for me on Tuesday. I felt better yesterday, but still felt a bit congested in my face. Ya...I don't know how to describe it but just like that LOL. I think yesterday was mostly allergies but, no workout yesterday. Today I feel about 90%. A bit congested in my face, but again, I believe its just allergies. I decided not to run this morning and just do some blogilates. BOY OH BOY! Taking 2 days off was good for my body to recover, but NOT good for my work out LOL. 15 minutes and I died...sweated like a pig (do pigs really even sweat?!). And to add fuel to my already on fire abs, I did a squat challenge right after.

If you guys still have not checked her out...GO NOW! Casey's workouts are amaze balls. I subscribe to her blog and youtube channel too.

Here are both of the workouts I did this morning...try them out too! (All you do is just follow along with her)

P.S. While I was on her blog, I decided to sign up for her Pilates Burpee Challenge on Its starts next Monday the 29th...same day as the Mamavation 2 Week Challenge.  (Yes I am doing it again...they teamed up with Bob Harper this go around!)
What is a pilates burpee? Well do the first video and you'll find out ;-)

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