Monday, October 1, 2012

W5, D1 - 8 week challenge update

Week 5 already. I weighed in this morning when I woke up and sadly, I gained back 2 pounds. I don't feel bad though. I feel like I have more energy and my clothes are fitting differently. Good differently. I continue to average about 70 oz of water a day which has had some awesome affects on my skin in general. My face is normally combo/oily but I've noticed that it's not so oily anymore. And if I do get some kind of breakout, its not the cystic kind I normally get and it usually goes away after a day or two with out much treating except for of course washing my face everyday. I think the weight I "gained" could just be extra water retention...I am due for a visit from Flo this week ;-)

If you read my personal life/family blog, you know that I recently left my job and as of today I am a full time stay at home mom. Kinda cool so far...I mean it is only 8am LOL. But I have already found something I am absolutely loving: working out in the morning. Not 5-6am but "regular" morning. Like right now. I will be walking my 6 year old to school everyday and starting tomorrow, I will be running around the neighborhood after dropping him off and then coming home. I'll do that like 3 times a week. The other days (like today) I'll come home and do some type of workout here or walk to my apartment's gym and do weights. Today I'm working out with BexLife: Sweat Like a Pig, Look Like a Fox. You should join me :-)

Bex is freaking awesome!!! I'm going back to bodyrockin and her workouts are perfect to cycle along with it.

And I'm off! Have a great day everyone!

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Faith said...

yay for being a SAHM! that is SO exciting!

I was up 2 lbs this weekend too ... not cool but i know that it will be gone in two days {hopefully}

have a great week!