Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Its a muffin top massacre

The dreaded "muffin top." UGH! The one thing that all moms work hard to get rid of. Me? I'm not at all concerned with having a 6 pack...I just wanna get rid of my muffin top aka my "love handles."
Casey, Ms. Blogilates, just posted a new vid targeting the dreaded muffin top area. LOVE LOVE LOVE! It burned oh so good!!

I paired it with this workout for an all over good feeling body this morning.

I get into a workout rut every couple weeks where I get so bored with what I'm doing, that I just feel motivated to do anything. Blogilates is my go-to when I start to feel like this. It gets me excited to workout again.

Try out the workouts and tell me how you like them. I am thinking of incorporating the POP cardio workout 3 times a week for the next couple of weeks.

Have fun and GOOD BYE MUFFIN TOP!!!

1 comment:

Faith said...

haha, i hear you ... i'm not aiming for a six pack but if i can get rid of some back fat ... now i'll be a happy chica! ;)